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Sound advance planning is the key to managing tax liabilities whether you’re filing a business or an individual return. 

Tax Services

Expert individual and business preparation, prior-year services, multi-state filing, representation and more.

Tax Planning & Consulting

Spinnaker Tax Group provides tax and individual and business tax planning and consulting services that work in synergy with your own planning and relationship with your financial advisor.

Spinnaker Tax Group is not only experienced in preparing taxes, but also showing small business owners how to see beyond the numbers. We have worked with consultants, internet companies, and businesses in a variety of industries including retail, manufacturing, and medical. As a small business owner, we can assist you with determining the most advantageous method for structuring your business or partnership. These planning and consulting services can give you the support needed to satisfy the IRS or just help you run your business better.

Whether you’re starting a business, working for a company that has awarded you stock options or restricted stock, you own a rental property, you are self employed, or retired, Spinnaker Tax Group provides a tax service that will get your taxes done right for your needs.

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Tax Planning & Consulting

Sound planning is the key to managing small business tax liabilities. Spinnaker Tax Group offers tax planning services and consulting for individuals as well as businesses at every stage.
Our approach ensures that you remain positioned to take advantage of all tax deductions allowed under state and federal law.

For new businesses, implementing the right tax strategy at the outset can make all the difference in profitability later on, so we create short- and long-term tax plans that encourage sustainable growth and profitability. For established companies, we review your structure and help implement changes needed to increase profits.

We understand that life doesn’t always go as planned and no two businesses are alike. We can help advise you on best ways to manage your tax issues during a divorce, a probate case and other situations.

Working in lockstep with your financial advisor, we can guide you on the most advantageous strategies for managing capital gains, IRA distributions and more.

And we are here to take the stress out of those unexpected letters from the IRS, assisting with your response and representation even if we didn’t prepare your prior year’s return.

Tax Services

Individual Taxes

Online tax software will never replace the real-world experience of an experienced tax professional. At Spinnaker Tax Group, our approach to tax preparation services is affordable, accurate, and personalized. Using DIY technology may appear cheaper at the outset but may cost you more in the long-run, between mishandled deductions, miscalculations and even IRS problems. Our Tax Services Include:

When we prepare your tax return, you won’t have to wonder if it was done correctly. You’ll have confidence that your filings are completed consistent with all current state and federal regulations.

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Business Taxes

Discover how Spinnaker Tax Group can find significant tax savings for your business. We specialize in understanding the variety of business entity structures and related tax implications and advantages. Our Tax Services Include:

Why Choose Us

Spinnaker Tax Group provides tax preparation services for everyone including small businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals. No matter what your needs require, you’ll benefit from our experience, expertise and friendly customer service.

We work with your financial advisor to ensure your tax strategy is in lockstep with your plan and objectives, not unlike having a full-time CFO and Big-3 team on your side.

We make it our business to know the latest tax rules inside and out. We’re constantly on the lookout for new legislation we can use to reduce tax liabilities for our clients. We methodically review your paperwork, receipts, and past tax returns and employ tax strategies that will help you to retain more of your income.

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